Vienna bronzes is the passion of Tilda for over 33 years now. She started in the antiques business about 37 years ago.

First specialized in 19th century European bronzes , especially the animalier-bronzes, Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco bronzes and collector items.

Suddenly she discovered the Vienna bronzes, which became a real passion. The extremely good quality and natural finishing of the 19th century Vienna bronzes and the great care they are made, did it.

A passion witch grown out of an enormes knowlegde in the world of the Vienna bronzes.
Over the years you can tell wich Vienna bronze is rare or even almost unique because you've only seen and had it once over all these years.
The enormes variety surprises even after 33 years of experience.

There are several themes wich are:
the world of the animals, as well domestique as exotique ones,cowboys and Indians, the Oriental world, and of course the world of the erotiques.
Of course there are also the bronzes made on special request.

So if you have any questions about Vienna bronzes you possess or you want to sell, please contact me.

If you are looking for or collecting Vienna bronzes, I will find them for you.

She is also specialized in other bronze animal sculptures, including Josef Pallenberg, Riché, Ary Bitter, ...